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Anyways back to post, so here I am sharing  here few Tips and Tricks to Keeping your saree all the way new and shiny and also do Check https://indiarush.com/ for some very good ethnic and indian wear at affordable prices, Meanwhile enjoy reading the post
If you are in deep love with your ethnic staples and can’t see them losing their shine and glistening appeal, find out these amazing to-do tips to take of your sarees while sitting at home only. The party wear sarees always cost heavy on pockets especially silk sarees. If Banarasi silk or kanjeevaram silk sarees are your ultimate fave and you have got an ample of these lavish drapes to embrace Indian weddings and other festivities, you definitely need to check out these sassy caring tips to keep them forever going and undying. If you will follow this quick guideline, you can always stay fresh and mesmerizing as rose in classic Indian avatar. So without wasting more time and sacrificing more of your gorgeous fancy sarees, get yourself updated with easy and affordable steps to maintain and restore the shine of these traditional silk sarees.
Let’s do this to keep the ethnicity of these sarees alive for many years.


Regular Refolding
Did you know that you need to take out your expensive sarees every six months and refold them???
To keep the colour and shine of the fabric on, keep silk sarees in mind sunlight for some time and then fold them back to the closet. Also, don’t forget to swap the saree fold to avoid permanent creasing and zari tearing.


Storing Tip
If you hang your luxurious party wear sarees over the metallic hangers, take them out immediately. This will lead to corrosion of the fabric and ultimately loses its shine. Fold these sarees properly, pack them in clean cotton fabric or bag and keep them in cool place away from sunlight.


Recoup Lost Shine
Don’t be worried if your saree has got little bit faded and losing its sparkling shine. Add some distilled white vinegar in one bucket water and wash the saree in it. The saree will regain its original charm but don’t forget to wash out the vinegar completely to avoid damaging of the fabric.


Heavy Embellished One
Make a point in mind to not hang these lavish fancy sarees on hangers as the heavy embellished work can tear the fabric and damage it completely. Keep the work side inward while folding the saree to avoid any snag or tear.


Get Rid of Stains
In case of any stain or blotch over the fabric, wash the saree with cold water. Use talcum or glycerine on oily stains before washing the cloth. Also, wash the saree only with mild body soap to avoid damaging the fabric.


How to Iron
This one should be done with utmost care to avoid losing your expensive staple. If the saree is created with intricate zari and other complex works, keep the soft cotton cloth over the fabric and then iron it. It’s better not to take risk with such stunning outfits.


Wash at Home
First, simply avoid washing heavy sarees too often. If you are doing so, wash it in the salt water first. For silk sarees, it’s better to go for dry cleaning only.


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