I am writing this to every women out there, there are so many of us in relationship not to mention in wrong relationship,
Just because of  being alone certain times we rushes in to the wrong relationship towards completely wrong person, Let me tell you don’t do that, that’s completely wrong and injurious to your soul, You playing with your emotions for temporary happiness which will not last
I don’t know if you guys have ever heard about “Happy Drug/Crystal Drug” there are other numerous street name of it, anyways i am not promoting any drug here, I am just putting it in to reference here, that this Drug creates false feeling of happiness for temporary basis but certainly damages us in long terms
I am just telling that don’t do anything by putting your dignity and self-respect at stake

Sign’s, You are in wrong relationship

  • You agree to your partner in every way
  • You don’t Protest
  • Your Partner try to control’s you in every way.
  • Make’s you feel fragile and tricks you in to realizing that you can’t do anything of your own.
  • Constantly spying on you and making you feel sorry for His own pity mistakes.
  • Physical & Mental Abuse
  • Never available when you Needs Him but expects you to be available when He needs you and the list goes on.

You see there are many things which alerts your mind but you ignore them by thinking that no matter what you should stick to Him just because He says He loves you.

No matter how badly he treats you , You should keep ignoring everything because you have came too far to quit or you have invested quite a big amount of your time with him,

No, No and Big No ladies don’t do that , Just Stopppp….

Just Stop watering dead relationships because it will fetch you no fruits I swear to Goddess, you are just wasting your precious time.

I have saw this video on youtube  and there was this young man who was describing things about relationship although i don’t remember every thing from his Video but I do remember few important points from them and one of them says going back to your Lover and Moving on with your life takes same amount of time, and rather going back, Moving on with your life is more healing thing you can do to your Body, Mind and Soul.

Release that negativity of your past relationship by meditating for 10 Minutes everyday and you will start feeling better, Now No I don’t claim this to be best way of forgetting your past or quitting your abusing relationship but this will certainly helps and believe me If it helped Me I hopes it will helps you too.

Don’t waste your time crying over or depressing yourself who doesn’t values you and your efforts, It’s never too late and nothing is important than you and you soul’s happiness , don’t let your happiness depend on some person who can leave you any time according to their convenience. Be content of your own happiness, Do things which makes you happy and if you don’t know yet what makes you happy then keep finding it but just don’t let yourself unoccupied and last but no least not everyone is douche bag.

Hugs and strength to everybody who needs it right now.

Tres Girl