Him – You are fool, you think life is fairy tale?

Me – If It is so, then shall it be

Being a woman, you have heard such things or similar to theses stuffs and all but does it make you feel think twice? after hearing such things especially from men, how do you feel? Do you think you running late in your life or such taunt from those men as if you’ll be alone forever?

You start doubting yourself, once with the vision be very clear you soon start to feel that you are doing things wrong and perhaps the person who is advising (which is actually taunting you and laughing on your abilities ) is right?

Don’t my dear, don’t ever let anybody dim your sparkle, don’t let anybody say you things what and what not you are able of , Don’t doubt yourself because if you thought about something it won’t have came in your mind without having purpose, You see love if you may not be succeed but you surely learns and learning is never waste right?

Don’t let anybody takes decision behalf of you, never ever you shall gives control on you to anybody, It’s your life and only you are in-charge of it.

Tres Girl