This post is gonna be long enough and those who really cares would make to the end of it I am making this post because it really needs to , I am seeing few men being abusive in comment section just not in here but any other social media to me and I now realise that by just having very few number of followers I am blessed with the good amount of haters, creeps , womaniser, and probably them who have never seen women I guess. Anyway today I am writing down here because it’s not just me there are many other women facing the same thing all the time and I can definitely see that how few men are so pissed that they just can’t take it
So let me make you clear here a women can do whatever she want exactly the way men do isn’t it ? I.e have you ever seen a women creating issues or being blown away in comment section of a man if he is shirtless or barely in his undergarments ? As if you have then I am glad that you seen those 2% of women who may be do such things as I wasn’t lucky enough to see 😊anyway my point is still the majority of women don’t give a damn about what you wear or how you live you life because you know like normal people we know everybody can do whatever they want it’s about rights .Type 1 Men
Now why such men are so pissed if they see a picture of girl in bikini or a girl who is roaming to the places anywhere in the world with his boyfriend or she is too out spoken or let me put it this way that speaks exactly what makes you pissed and hurt your man ego and then you go around like maniac abusing her more because how dare she I.e she is women right ? She couldn’t give you terrible down market kind of “ Gaali in Hindi to you “ which you few men think that they have that kind of audacity to do isn’t it ?
Anyways few women like me still gonna do that no matter how pissed you are or How small your mind is and they will certainly not effects such women Now the Men type 2 These men are who would consistently post about how women is important part of our life or how one should respect a women But you know what ? Me to Such Men ,Be a man in real and stand for those who can not stand for their self and that’s how we are helping women not even asking for you to stand for me or with Me Because I am strong enough to do it for myself But I am talking about those women who haven’t came out of closet yet who can not really speak their mind and still getting abused on the. Picture like “ Salwaar Kameez” , You know why ? Because it’s not there in clothes it’s there in your Mind.
I am sure you are not out in this world without a women , all of you have seen a women and experienced a women at some point of your life in the form of your mother or sister or Girlfriend or wife or daughter maybe , For just once think of them before you try judging other women out there who have done No harm to you maybe but still to satisfy your man ego you would do few absurd things which don’t really make sense , This Navratri I would only wish that “ May Goddess Give Strength to all ladies out there to identify the real Goddess Inside you “ Being Durga for your love ones it’s Good But don’t be afraid to Bring out Kaali when it’s require ,
To the women’s out there Stand for yourself no matter what because people out here will only speak about standing with you But they won’t do it when time will come .Rest You Know “ May Goddess treat them the way they treated others “

Pallavi Srivastav